Re: R-alpha: emacs R-mode? [aka 'S-mode for R' ]

Martin Maechler (
Mon, 2 Sep 96 14:59:54 +0200

Date: Mon, 2 Sep 96 14:59:54 +0200
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From: Martin Maechler <>
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Subject: Re: R-alpha: emacs R-mode? [aka 'S-mode for R' ]

I just returned from the CompStat meeting in Barcelona (a great place!),
as I don't see any answer to your question,

 >>>>> "GW" == Gregory R Warnes <> writes:

    GW> Has anyone modified the emacs S-mode for R?

Here is what I said a few weeks ago in the  S-mode mailing list :

MM>> .... there are many more inofficial patches to S-mode-4.8..
MM>> My own ones which are geared quite a bit towards inclusion of  'R'
MM>> are available from
MM>> are by no means official, and are still not bug free.
MM>> David Smith, the official maintainer, has gotten some version of my patches
MM>> several weeks ago, and planned to release  S-mode 4.9
MM>> "some time soon .." (or something similar)
MM>> 	[David?]

I'm still waiting for S-mode 4.9

Note that Tony Rossini also has patched S-mode to work with
Xemacs with S and R.

Well, and then  Ross 'himself' has some patched-up version of S-mode 4.8
to be used with 'R'...


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