Robert King

Robert King

I am a senior lecturer in statistics at the University of Newcastle, in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
My office is V133. My consultation hours are: Tuesday 10:00am-11:00am

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I am interested in the study of distributions, particularly the Generalised Lambda Distribution, as well as a number of applied statistical fields, including:

More about these topics can be seen on my research interests page.


In 2014, I am teaching

About Me

I have a number of almae matres (thanks Javier!). My undergraduate study was at the University of Queensland. My PhD was under the supervision of Associate Professor Helen MacGillivray at the Queensland University of Techonology. My PhD thesis, New distributional fitting methods applied to the asymmetric λ distribution, was concerned with finding better ways of fitting the generalised lambda distribution to data. This also improved the methods for approximating other distributions using the gλd.

Before coming to Newcastle, I worked in the Faculty of Environmental Science at Griffith University

I am also interested in other things besides statistics. Have a look here to find out.

This is my GPG public key. (see this for more information on GPG)

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skull & cross-bones The pirate Paolo Uccello page is my tribute to the real Paolo Uccello page, which is produced by James Hurst. Have a look at it now!

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