R-1.3.0 full update (151 packages)

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From: Jan de Leeuw (deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu)
Date: Tue 21 Aug 2001 - 00:59:44 EST

Message-id: <200108201500.IAA41864@pine.frazmtn.com>

You may want to wait for R-1.3.1, but there is a new version
in http//www.stat.ucla.edu/~deleeuw/R. It's in the folder "overfull",
and it

-- will be updated to 1.3.1 as soon as that exists

-- has support for gnome, tcl/tk, and atlas

-- includes 151 add-on packages (see the list in packages.txt). Most of
them have
    been updated to the latest CRAN versions.

-- uses the newest versions of the readline, dlcompat, gnome, f2c,
atlas, tcl/tk libraries
    (all from fink, see fink.sourceforge.net)

-- has the necessary dylibs in the folder "dylibs". If you find you need
    because R asks for it, download it and install it. If R asks for one
    which is not there, drop me an email.

-- has five screenshots in the folder "screenshots", a small sample of
    many possibilities.

    a. One has rootless XFree86 with the gnome interface for R. This may
be as close
    to the Carbon version as you can get with Xfree.
    b. The Aqua rootless mode is fine if you want to interact directly
with Carbon and
    Cocoa applications. The second screenshot is full screen X11, and
proud of it.
    It has some tcl/tk demos running.
    c. The windowmanager for the first two screenshots is blackbox, and
you see two
    fancy eterm windows running as well (with dragons and far-away
planets and stuff).
    The third screenshot uses the sawfish window manager, running in a
    d. If you don't like gnome (most sane persons don't), then screenshot
    uses the ice window manager, and shows another tcltk demo. Look in
the lower
    left hand corner of this screen -- you are running Linux. And on a
    decent computer too.
    e. Finally, there is a screenshot which uses the Xtools Aqua window
manager in rootless
    mode. This is obviously close to optimal for Mac junkies. By the
way, the gnome gui
    does not work with XTools.

Running cksum on the file it should give

3276119375 28310961 R-1.3.0-MacOSX.tar.gz

If you install fink on your system, you will have easy access to the
window managers: twm, mwm, pwm, fvwm, xfwm, icewm, blackbox,
enlightenment, windowmaker, sawfish, oroborus, afterstep. Xtools adds
the Aqua window manager.
Thus you can make your Mac look like a machine running vanilla X11,
Motif, NextStep, Gnome, and even Aqua/Quartz.

Jan de Leeuw; Professor and Chair, UCLA Department of Statistics;
US mail: 9432 Boulter Hall, Box 951554, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554
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homepage: http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~deleeuw
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