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From: Friedrich Leisch (
Date: Thu 04 Oct 2001 - 18:03:21 EST

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A new version of e1071 has been released to CRAN which should be much
easier to install on a lot of platforms because reading/writing PNM
images has been moved to the pixmap package, hence there are no longer
dependencies on external libraries and no configure mechanism.

For the authors,
Fritz Leisch


Changes in Version 1.2-0:

  o Added functions for bagged clustering, see help(bclust).

  o read.pnm() and write.pgm() have been removed from e1071, much
    improved versions can now be found in the new package pixmap.

  o Lots of documentation updates and bugfixes.

  o Support Vector Machine interface now upgraded to libsvm V. 2.31
    - Multi-Class Classification
    - weighting of classes for C-classification (for asymmetric sample sizes)
    - nu-regression
    - Formula Interface
    - k-fold cross-validation
    In addition, an introductory article is provided in directory
    `docs/' (svmdoc.pdf).

  o classAgreement now features an option to match factor levels

  o updated API design for the fuzzy clustering functions
    (cmeans, cshell, scaclust). Documentation updates and function
    name changes (cmeanscl -> cmeans, validity.measures -> fclustIndex)

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