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From: Deepayan Sarkar (
Date: Tue 15 Jan 2002 - 14:12:42 EST

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A new version of the Lattice package is now available on CRAN. A list of
the (mostly minor) changes are given below. The documentation is probably
still a bit shaky at places, and suggestions for improvement would be


Changes in lattice 0.4

Some of the implementation details have changed a lot (mainly in
print.trellis). This might cause some old code to fail, though no such
instances are known.

No significant new features have been added, but there are several
bugfixes (notably in levelplot). The important changes are:

 o documentation restructured. There is no topic called `trellis.args'
   any more. The detailed description of the arguments common to all
   high level trellis functions can be found under help(xyplot)

 o once trellis.device() is called, Lattice graphics and base R
   graphics should mix more or less seamlessly. There is an optional
   argument in trellis.device() that can deal with the first blank
   page problem, with certain restrictions.

 o a (as yet very small) demo, called by demo("lattice")

 o Clipping: whatever is drawn by the panel function is now clipped to
   inside the panel region. Strip texts are clipped to inside the

 o Axis tick labels by default do not overlap, some tick marks are
   left unlabelled if necessary.

 o The argument list for strip.default changed to be like S

 o levels() and nlevels() give sensible answers for shingles. new
   print methods for shingles and levels of shingles

 o colorkey (currently used only in levelplot) can now be placed to
   the left, top or bottom as well

 o new ``lines'' component in the par.strip.text argument that can be
   used to change the height of strips

 o xlab, main etc can be double height strings (containing "\n"-s),
   the spaces allocated for these would be automatically adjusted

 o strip.default now has style=5

 o new panel.superpose.2 (suggested by Neil Klepeis)

 o the default colour settings sometimes seem too light on a white
   background. To deal with this, there is a new setting with some
   darker colours that can be set by calling lset(theme =
   ""). see ?lset for details. This is currently in a
   proof-of-concept stage (the colors in "" were chosen just
   because I liked their names) and suggestions for better color
   schemes would be most welcome.

 o show.settings() added

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