R-1.8.1 is released

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From: Peter Dalgaard (p.dalgaard@biostat.ku.dk)
Date: Fri 21 Nov 2003 - 23:45:53 EST

Message-id: <x2oev5x532.fsf@biostat.ku.dk>

I've rolled up R-1.8.1.tgz a short while ago. This is a patch version
mostly fixing a number of issues in 1.8.0, some of which were quite
serious. As usual, a few new features have crept in as well. (See below
for details.)

You can get it from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you. Binaries
for various platforms will appear in due course.
There is also a version split for floppies.

These are the md5sums for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

cd81fdeaf22f93dfc28979e8132722ec R-1.8.1.tgz
5690ed4e1f453115551122facb4b34b0 R-1.8.1.tgz-split.aa
cd2fd749085c1e63fce22e3e09f70cdb R-1.8.1.tgz-split.ab
ab0b08746d1f5bd56a736a8b1f5bfee6 R-1.8.1.tgz-split.ac
41332e09272598bfb64c25ac84274404 R-1.8.1.tgz-split.ad
51d3f4e376efdee4ae069b135f909621 R-1.8.1.tgz-split.ae
c50f27fdf41c44c71c5b4f285a2dd98f R-1.8.1.tgz-split.af
2eb71e8a54e41b3e30e3e40f35151aa0 R-1.8.1.tgz-split.ag

On behalf of the R Core Team,

        Peter Dalgaard

Here's the relevant part of the NEWS file

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 1.8.1


    o There is now a "Complex" S3 group generic (a side-effect of
        fixing up the corresponding S4 group generic).

    o help("regex") now gives a description of the regular expressions
        used in R.

    o The startup message now shows the R Foundation as copyright
        holder, and includes the R ISBN number and a pointer to the new
        citation() function.

    o The solve() function now uses the `tol' argument for all
        non-complex cases. The default tolerance for LINPACK is 1e-7,
        as before. For LAPACK it currently is .Machine$double.eps but
        may be changed in later versions of R.

    o help.search() now defaults to agrep = FALSE when keyword= is
        specified, since no one wants fuzzy matching of categories.

    o Function texi2dvi() in package tools can be used to compile
        latex files from within R.

    o Objects with formal S4 classes saved in pre-1.8 versions and
        loaded into the current version have incompatible class
        attributes (no package information). A new function,
        fixPre1.8() in package methods, will fix the class attributes.
        See the help for this function.

    o heatmap() allows Rowv/Colv = NA, suppressing the corresponding

    o An "antifeature": Tcl 8.0 is now officially unsupported. In 1.8.0
        it just didn't work. This very old version lacks several features
        that are needed for the new version of the tcltk package. R will
        still build the tcltk package against Tcl 8.0 but the resulting
        package will not load.


    o symnum(x) now behaves as documented when length(x) == 0 and uses
        lower.triangular = FALSE for logical arrays.

    o c() now has a method for "noquote" objects and hence works as

    o split(1:10, c(1,2)) no longer gives a spurious warning.

    o The "Complex" S4 group generic now works.

    o abbreviate() doesn't get into infinite loops on input that differs
        only by leading/trailing space

    o Added check for user interrupt in Rvprintf to allow printing to be

    o Fixed bug that would cause segfault on protect stack overflow.

    o crossprod() on matrices with zero extents would return an
        uninitialized matrix (rather than one filled with zeros).

    o DF[[i,j]] for a data frame used row j and col i, not as intended
        row i and col j.

    o Even more user errors in recursive indexing of lists are now
        caught. (PR#4486)

    o cor(<matrix>, use = "pairwise") gave wrong result in 1.8.0 (only).

    o merge.data.frame() could give incorrect names when one of the
        arguments had only one column. (PR#4299)

    o Subsetting a one-dimensional array dropped dimensions even when
        they were not of length one. (Related to PR#4110)

    o The plot() method for `ecdf' objects, plot.ecdf(), now allows to
        set a `ylab' argument (different from the default).

    o cor.test(*, method="spearman") gave wrong results `randomly'
        (because of a wrong type passed to C; PR#4718).

    o dist() objects with NA's didn't print these, now do. (PR#4866).

    o regexpr(fixed = TRUE) returned 0-based indices.

    o df[, length_1_index] <- value did not recycle short rhs. (PR#4820)

    o median() no longer `works' for odd-length factor variables.

    o packageStatus() is more robust to failing to contact a
        repository, and contacts the correct paths in the repositories
        under Windows.

    o .setOldIs (methods) contained a typo stopping POSIXct objects (etc)
        being included in formal classes.

    o terms() sometimes removed offset() terms incorrectly, since it
        counted by variables and not terms. Its "offset" attribute
        was incorrectly documented as referring to terms not
        variables. (Related to PR#4941)

    o buildVignettes() and pkgVignettes() in package tools are now
        documented. The call to texi2dvi is wrapped in the new
        function texi2dvi() which also works on Windows.

    o hclust() was sometimes not finding the correct inter-cluster
        distances with non-monotone methods. (PR#4195)

    o plot.hclust() now tolerates mode changes on dumped objects. (PR#4361)

    o prompt() no longer insists files are in the current directory.

    o filter() did not use init in reverse order as documented. (PR#5017)

    o contrasts<-() and model.matrix() now have sanity checks that
        factors having at least 2 levels (or one level and a contrast
        matrix): model.matrix() gave nonsensical results for 0-level

    o writeChar() could segfault if more characters were requested
        than exist. (PR#5090)

    o round() and signif() dropped attributes with 0-length inputs,
        only. (PR#4710)

    o The default graphics device in the GNOME interface was gtk,
        which is no longer in the base package. It is now X11.

    o The print button on the toolbar of the GNOME graphics device
        did not work.

    o The example code on the man page for TkWidgetcmds had not been
        updated after the change that made tkget (et al.) return
        tclObj objects, so the "Submit" button didn't work.

    o Rd conversion to latex did not add a new line before
        \end{Section} for the section environments, which caused
        problems if the last thing in a section was \preformatted{}
        (and potentially elsewhere).

    o Under some circumstances mosaicplot() failed if main was
        supplied as it was passed on to model.frame.default().

    o Conversion to POSIXlt (including printing) of POSIXct dates
        before 1902 and after 2038 computed which were leap years from
        (year-1900) so got some xx00 years wrong.

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