Re: [Rd] PDF text strangeness (PR#7043)

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Fri 02 Jul 2004 - 06:18:02 EST

Where is the bug here? Please read the R FAQ and learn what is required in a bug report.

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 wrote:

> I have noticed a strange little bug/feature: I often create pdf's of
> plots, then edit them in Adobe Illustrator. Generally this works great,
> but whenever I have text that is aligned vertically (along the y-axis
> usually), the text is written out as lots of individual objects. When
> the text is horizontal (x-axis, other stuff), it is all one object. I
> would prefer one object per label as that is a good deal easier to edit.

There is nothing to reproduce here. Hint: if you look at the source code and find PDF_Text you will see it only writes one object for each piece of text. I've just run an example, and each piece of vertical text (ylab and axis labels) in

plot(1:10, ylab="foo")

is one object.

> I am using Adobe Illustrator CS 11.0.0 in windows.

You need to read the PDF code to determine what has actually been written as an object: Illustrator's native format is not PDF and I suspect the issue is in its PDF->AI converter.

> <<insert bug report here>>

None reported!

> --please do not edit the information below--
> Version:
> platform = i386-pc-linux-gnu
> arch = i386
> os = linux-gnu
> system = i386, linux-gnu
> status = alpha

Please, use a released version of R for bug reports.

> major = 1
> minor = 9.1
> year = 2004
> month = 06
> day = 07
> language = R

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