[Rd] OS X problem with DSTEIN in IGLS code

From: Jan de Leeuw <deleeuw_at_stat.ucla.edu>
Date: Sat 03 Jul 2004 - 17:24:42 EST

  1. R-devel on OS X aborts when the code below is run after spitting out the message

Loading required package: MASS
Parameter 5 to routine DSTEIN was incorrect Mac OS BLAS parameter error in DSTEIN, parameter #0, (unavailable), is 0

2. I compiled R-patched using the included BLAS and Lapack, although Brian says this is impossible on OS X, because they are in FORTRAN (??). This version of R runs the code below just fine.

3. So there seems to be a difference between the implementation of DSTEIN in vecLib.framework and in other BLAS versions. The error message comes from vecLib.

4. To build libRlapack.dylib on OS X add the flags "-flat_namespace
-undefined suppress" to the link.

5. I will post this version of R-1.9.1 (using the X11 version of Tcl/Tk 8.5
and the R version of BLAS and Lapack) on gifi. ===
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