Re: [Rd] bug in xyplot xlab, etc

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sun 11 Jul 2004 - 22:55:49 EST

> BTW: Is it the correct way to submit bug reports on recommended packages
> to the R's bug repository? Instead, I would have send it to Deepayan as
> the maintainer of lattice (maybe a point that is not entirely clear from
> the FAQs: distinguishing contributed, recommended and base package
> related to bug reports).

What's unclear? Recommended packages _are_ contributed (and they are in the contrib section on CRAN), and we do say

   Bug reports on contributed packages should be sent first to the package    maintainer, and only submitted to the R-bugs repository by package    maintainers, mentioning the package in the subject line.

Would you prefer `contributed (including recommended)'?

As Deepayan does not have write access to R-bugs, someone who does has to clean up reports such as this. So we do really only want the package maintainers to file reports for the record.

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