Re: [Rd] bug in xyplot xlab, etc

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Sun 11 Jul 2004 - 23:07:11 EST

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>>BTW: Is it the correct way to submit bug reports on recommended packages
>>to the R's bug repository? Instead, I would have send it to Deepayan as
>>the maintainer of lattice (maybe a point that is not entirely clear from
>>the FAQs: distinguishing contributed, recommended and base package
>>related to bug reports).
> What's unclear? Recommended packages _are_ contributed (and they are in
> the contrib section on CRAN), and we do say
> Bug reports on contributed packages should be sent first to the package
> maintainer, and only submitted to the R-bugs repository by package
> maintainers, mentioning the package in the subject line.
> Would you prefer `contributed (including recommended)'?

Yes, thanks.


> As Deepayan does not have write access to R-bugs, someone who does has to
> clean up reports such as this. So we do really only want the package
> maintainers to file reports for the record.
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