Re: [Rd] Segfault with options() (PR#7078)

From: <>
Date: Tue 13 Jul 2004 - 02:37:21 EST

Thank you, Deepayan:

>>>>> "Deepayan" == Deepayan Sarkar <>
>>>>> on Mon, 12 Jul 2004 05:46:08 +0200 (CEST) writes:

    Deepayan> This is completely undocumented use of options,
    Deepayan> but it does cause a segfault with r-patched and
    Deepayan> r-devel on Linux:

    Deepayan> options(list('digits', 'scipen'))

    Deepayan> Strangely enough,

    Deepayan> options(list('digits'))

    Deepayan> and

    Deepayan> options(list(digits = 10, scipen = 2))

    Deepayan> work as might be expected.

I think I've seen where and how the problem occurs and am currently testing an easy patch.

That will however give an error message for all calls

   options( mylist )
when mylist is a list that has
  length(names(mylist)) != length(mylist)

You weren't making a "feature request" in the other direction where you?

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