Re: [Rd] rsync -> cvs down?

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Tue 20 Jul 2004 - 04:01:07 EST

A.J. Rossini wrote:

> The svn server appears to be down.

Actually, I'm just checking out a developer release from

Note that https is required,

the unsecured http protocol seems not to be working...


> best,
> -tony
> Douglas Bates <> writes:
>>Marc Schwartz wrote:
>>>I am not able to access cvs via rsync today. Is the service down?
>>Yes. We should have sent email about it to r-devel but it has been a
>>hectic several days.
>>The bad news is that the newly installed machine,
>>which is also, was compromised and we had to take
>>it off the net.
>>The good news is that, thanks to heroic efforts by Martin Maechler and
>>Deepayan Sarkar, the CVS repository has been transformed to Subversion
>>and is available at (and at
>> but SSL is probably only needed by those
>>doing commits). If you have a Subversion client (see
>> - those using Windows may also want to
>>look at you can check out and update
>>the current r-devel from and the
>>current R-patched from
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