Re: [Rd] rsync -> cvs down?

From: A.J. Rossini <>
Date: Tue 20 Jul 2004 - 06:15:37 EST

Looks like it's down again? (this, after it almost worked a while back).

I'm glad I'm GNU arch'ing it...


Martin Maechler <> writes:

>>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Schwartz <>
>>>>>> on Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:22:43 -0500 writes:
> Marc> Uwe,
> Marc> That did it. Using https: I am now able to do a checkout.
> Marc> It seems to be slow at the moment, but the files are coming through.
> ---------------------------------
> that should have improved now.
> The default apache2 configuration (for RH Enterprise) had
> 'KeepAlive Off' which I now have replaced with 'On'.
> For this to take effect, I had to restart the server --
> this pretty brutally terminates all running svn requests, which
> in this case lead to the need for "svnadmin recover"ing the
> archive... Well, well, we're getting there eventually.
> If anybody has good experiences to share about
> Apache performance tweaking, please let me hear.
> But note that the idea (of the server setup) really was to serve
> R-core (and maybe ESS-core and maybe some really small few-person
> collaboration projects). If too many people (such as "hundreds
> of R-devel readers") are going at the server it will become
> pretty unusable, and I will have to make it accessible only
> "non-anonymously" {and find another one doing rsync...} eventually.
> Martin Maechler
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