Re: [Rd] RE: [Rcom-l] rcom 0.97 available for download

From: Thomas Baier <>
Date: Thu 22 Jul 2004 - 00:29:14 EST

> On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 09:39:29AM -0400, Liaw, Andy wrote:
> > Would it make sense to have platform specific packages in a separate area on
> > CRAN? I don't know of anything other than Windows that understand COM.
> Yup, and 'core' CRAN contains at least one Windows-only package: rbugs [ as
> I found when working on a script to automagically build Debian packages from
> CPAN packages, the script is a modified version of Albrecht's script ]
> So apart from moving arch-specific packages into their own little corners [
> bad, balkanization ] we could extend the Description file and flag the
> architecture restriction there.

That sounds reasonable to me. At the moment, there's just a configure script in rcom issuing an error on non-windows platforms. (thanks to kh for this.)

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