[Rd] cross-compile R darwin2win, almost there

From: Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek_at_math.uni-augsburg.de>
Date: Fri 30 Jul 2004 - 06:37:47 EST

I'm trying to cross-compile R on a Mac OS X box to target Win32. It works quite well, everything works, except for one fortran file ppr.f in the stats package:

It's just a "block data" with some common variables that are initialized en-block. Obviously g77 tries to copy the whole block and bails out, because it's unsure about the endianness conversion (could be int/double whatever). My Fortran knowledge is rather limited, so can anyone provide me with alternate Fortran code that will use regular assignments instead of the "block data", so we can work around the missing feature of the compiler? If someone has a different idea, that's fine, too :).

Otherwise it works very nicely, the compiled R works (except that stats is not compiled of course) ... Solving the above would allow us to provide binary packages for both platforms OS X and Windows using just one machine to automatically generate both... (for those interested I could put the cross-compile tools on my pages..)

Any help is appreciated,


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