[Rd] existence of easy example of .Call??

From: <Freja.Vamborg_at_astrazeneca.com>
Date: Fri 30 Jul 2004 - 22:07:53 EST

Dear R-develers,

I have been seraching in vain for an example of source-code, using .Call, to call an R-function from within C.
Am also wondering i this .Call command works for all functions, say if I write a function analyse<-function()
within my R functoin, can this function be called by the c-code called later in the same function.



analyse<-function() {}


I then want My.c.code to call, analyse..

I have read the R-extension manual, but am just wondernig if anyone has another example of use of .Call, which may be more clear to a beginning user.
Many thanks in advance,

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