[Rd] pbeta accuracy and efficiency (PR#7153)

From: <terra_at_gnome.org>
Date: Fri 06 Aug 2004 - 01:44:48 EST

Full_Name: M Welinder
Version: 1.9
OS: Solaris
Submission from: (NULL) (

pbeta has known accuracy and efficiency problems as noted in the code.

Gnumeric 1.3.1 is now out and features a new implementation of pbeta (with R's calling conventions). The code is thanks to Ian Smith and lives in src/mathfunc.c
I know of no problematic arguments. Gnumeric uses "gnm_float" where R uses "double",
but this should all be easily fixable with a little search-and-replace.

This should facilitate improved qbeta, pt, pbinom [bug 5727], pnbinom, pf, and whatever those drag with them. Slight care will be needed to avoid squeezing
pbeta's first argument up against 1, see Gnumeric's pf function, for example.

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