[Rd] Use of R_PROFILE.R / install.R

From: Prof Brian Ripley <ripley_at_stats.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Mon 09 Aug 2004 - 05:27:55 EST

According to R-exts:

  The second purpose for @file{install.R} is to hold code that needs to be   executed each time the package is attached, after the image is   loaded. Few packages have a need for such code so @file{install.R} is   normally an empty file.

  The optional file @file{R_PROFILE.R} is executed before the code in the   @file{R} subdirectory and should be used to set up an environment needed   only to evaluate the code (which is run with the @option{--vanilla}   command-line flag). Very few packages will need such code.   Indeed, both @file{install.R} and @file{R_PROFILE.R} should be viewed as   experimental; the mechanism to execute code before attaching or   installing the package may change in the near future.

(Actually it's during loading, not attaching, a namespace, for packages with namespaces.)

Looking on CRAN, it seems that two packages use R_PROFILE.R for `options(echo=FALSE)', which does not do anything useful AFAICS. A non-empty install.R is used for



and that's not the intention (and in particular require() should have its return value checked!) -- this is best done in .First.lib/.onLoad.

One problem is that the package has no way to prevent a saved image being forced with INSTALL --save.

Since this mechanism is a maintenance nightmare (especially with lazy-loading +/- saving images) I propose we drop it for 2.0.0. Instead, just as for lazy-loading, we should have a field in the DESCRIPTION file, with

SaveImage: yes

forcing saving the image, and any other value forcing not saving it.

Note that most packages which currently save an image probably want to use lazy-loading instead and so should have LazyLoad: yes in their DESCRIPTION file.

The proposed change is not backwards compatible but affects very few CRAN packages, for all of which there is better solution that is backwards compatible. I have not looked at BioConductor or elsewhere, so please will package authors let us know of any examples where R_PROFILE.R or install.R is essential (and why).

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