RE: [Rd] (PR#7163) Install packages does not work on Win2003 serv er

From: Walke, Rainer <>
Date: Fri 13 Aug 2004 - 19:29:25 EST

>Why don't *you* know? It is install.packages, surprisingly enough,
in its

>internal function unpackPkg, and running that under debug would
show you

>what is going on. Once again, remember only you can do this as we

>reproduce your claims.

>Do remember you have already been told that you are using an

>OS, and quite possible a file system that has never been tested and
is not

>supported by the compilers we use to build R.

>One possible issue is that code uses

> > file.rename(file.path(tmpDir, curPkg), instPath) >

>Internally that boils down to

>int Rwin_rename(char *from, char *to)
> int res = 0;

> verinfo.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO);
> GetVersionEx(&verinfo);
> switch(verinfo.dwPlatformId) {
> res = (MoveFileEx(from, to, MOVEFILE_REPLACE_EXISTING) ==

> break;
> default:
> if (!DeleteFile(to) && GetLastError() !=
> return 1;
> res = (MoveFile(from, to) == 0);
> }
> return res;

>Now, what your unsupported OS reports for dwPlatformId is
undocumented in

>the MinGW header files (and in the VC6 docs), and your OS did not

>when that was written. Given the choices

>#define VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s 0
>#define VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT 2

>it is the third according the Microsoft's current Platform SDK, but

>that correct (it seems to predate the release of your OS)? Please

>it for us.

>BDR e/osversioninfo_str.asp

	says that VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT denotes
	WinNT, Win2000, WinXP and Win2003 Server

	dwMinorVersion is different 
	Windows Server 2003	2
	Windows XP			1
	Windows 2000			0
	Windows NT 4.0			0

	Windows Server 2003	5
	Windows XP			5
	Windows 2000			5
	Windows NT 4.0			4

	Further I checked /movefileex.asp

	about the movefileex command:
	Client: Requires Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows
NT Workstation.
	Server: Requires Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, or
Windows NT Server.
	Unicode: Implemented as Unicode and ANSI versions.
	Header: Declared in Winbase.h; include Windows.h.
	Library: Use Kernel32.lib.
	It seems that MoveFileEx should work without any change on NT, W2000
WinXP and Windows 2003.
      Now I think it is more a Windows than a R problem.
	Rainer Walke

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