[Rd] checkS3methods() change

From: James Wettenhall <wettenhall_at_wehi.edu.au>
Date: Tue 17 Aug 2004 - 20:09:08 EST


I'm using rw2000dev.exe (Win32) built on August 14.

If this isn't already planned, can I suggest that when checkS3methods() (called by R CMD check) fails because of a syntax error in a dependent package listed in the DESCRIPTION file of the main package being checked, it would be nice if checkS3methods() reported which dependent package caused it to fail?

Running R CMD check on my package limmaGUI, revealed a syntax error in one of limmaGUI's dependent packages, which turned out to be the R2HTML package (after a bit of sleuthing).

Here's the syntax error in R2HTML, caused by the new parsing rules for associative use of relational operators:

  x0 <- xm[okP] == 0 != (as.numeric(Cf[okP]) == 0)

The R2HTML package (version 1.3) was installed with: > install.packages("R2HTML")
trying URL `http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/contrib/2.0/PACKAGES'

Here's the tail of the R CMD check output for limmaGUI:


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