Re: [Rd] R 1.9.1 fails to install for Mac 10.2.8 (PR#7190)

From: Steven C. Bagley <>
Date: Sat 21 Aug 2004 - 00:44:16 EST

> On Aug 20, 2004, at 1:20 AM, Steven C. Bagley wrote:

>> Thanks for your quick reply.  Unfortunately, I tried the "sudo rm ...",
>> followed by reinstallation of R 1.9.1, which got nearly all the way
>> through
>> the installation process, and then stopped with an error.  Log file
>> follows:

> According to the log R was installed allright - so does it in fact work
> or not?
> AFAICS it just doesn't have enough rights to create the convenience
> symlink in /usr/bin, but that's not essential for R to work. Again the
> fix in your case would be to bump up the rights of the installer -
> admin doesn't seem to have enough rights on your computer.
> I don't have a Jag machine here (there are no problems on Panther
> AFAIK) to confirm it atm, but I suspect that the cause is the old R
> 1.9.0 installer, which forced owner change on folders it shouldn't have
> touched. This was fixed in the new installer (that is the new installer
> doesn't force ownership anymore), but it cannot reverse the changes
> made by the 1.9.0 installer. I'll dig out some old Jag machine and see
> if I can reproduce it... but again, bumping up the rights should fix it
> in any case.
> If you want to try it out, just for the fun of it, do the following:
> open the R.dmg, go to the Packages folder and drag the "R
> framework.pkg" to your desktop.
> Now copy/paste the following in Terminal:
> cd Desktop/R\ framework.pkg/Contents/
> chmod +w Info.plist
> open Info.plist
> Now you'll see a tree-like structure of the plist file - expand the
> branches and find the "IFPkgFlagAuthorizationAction" key with
> "AdminAuthorization" value - change that value to "RootAuthorization",
> save the file (cmd+s) and double-click on the "R framework.pkg" file.
> That should perform the R installation without errors. Since I don't
> know what goes on with the libxml package, you could try it on that
> one, too.

My error. R 1.9.1 DID get installed correctly. Also, I did try your suggestions for editing the Info.plist (although used Emacs, as open did not cooperate), and the installation then re-ran without errors. Thanks so much for your help.

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