[Rd] Proposed (minor) change to plot.TukeyHSD

From: Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa <mentus_at_gmx.de>
Date: Sat 21 Aug 2004 - 03:11:04 EST

        Attached follows a patch to a minor change in the plot method of the TukeyHSD class (package stats). Basically it defines main= and xlab= as formal arguments of the plot function, with reasonable default values, passing them to title(), instead of using hard-coded only values for main= and xlab=. This way it's possible to change the title and xlab of the plots created using plot.TukeyHSD(). It's a minor change but it's useful when one has to display a plot's title/captions in other language than english.

        Thank you,

Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa

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