Re: [Rd] Possible Latex problem in R-devel?

From: Jeff Gentry <>
Date: Tue 24 Aug 2004 - 05:07:14 EST

> What version of perl?

Ack, didn't realize it was this ancient. Version 5.005_03, which is what comes with FreeBSD 4.9 apparently. I did install the /usr/ports version of perl is 5.8.2, although there seems to be other problems here (which are most likely related to my system, will track that down before bringing that issue up - it appears to be a mismatch on my libraries between the two versions).

> print $latexout &latex_link_trans0($blocks{"name"});
> will probably solve it for you.

Yup, this works, thanks. mailing list Received on Tue Aug 24 05:09:23 2004

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