Re: [Rd] mtext adj= wrong with several las= (PR#7188)

From: Jens Oehlschlägel <>
Date: Fri 27 Aug 2004 - 04:48:01 EST

> No, adj moves not always along the axis:

No, not yet. But mtext logically is oriented relative to its axis. And it should behave consistently relative to its axis.

Whichever solution is choosen finally, I think it is important, that the default parametrisation will handle multi-line labels such that they are centered around at= and aligned at line=, whatever side= and las= are choosen. Beeing forced to tweak with adj= / padj= depending on side= / las= would be very impractical. This "requirement" is easily fullfilled with default adj=0.5 if we have mtext's adj= always move along the axis. With a adj= / padj= solution, different defaults would be needed for the different combinations of side= and las=.

How does it S+?



# Thats my problem
txt <- "This are\nfour lines\nof some\nrubish" y <- barplot(x, axes=FALSE, axisnames=FALSE, horiz=TRUE) # axis doesn't align it properly
axis(2, label=rep(txt, 5), at=y, las=2, adj=0) # and no mtext parameters give vertically centered and right adjusted text mtext(rep(txt, 5), side=2, line=1, at=y, las=2, adj=0)

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