Re: [Rd] Minimal DESCRIPTION file

From: David Brahm <>
Date: Sat 28 Aug 2004 - 00:33:32 EST

I wrote:
> My "" contributed package fails under R-devel...because the
> DESCRIPTION file [of packages it creates] lacks a "Version" field.
> My question is, what else is necessary for a minimal package?
> A comment inside .find.package() refers to tools:::check_package_description,
> but I could not find such a function.

Prof Brian D. Ripley <> responded:
> It is tools:::.check_package_description
> ^

Thank you! I see the typo in the comment (line 690 of library.R) has now been corrected. .check_package_description() and "Writing R Extensions" both clearly and consistently state that `Package', `Version', `License', `Description', `Title', `Author', and `Maintainer' fields are mandatory, so I have added these to the packages (DDP's) that creates.

g.data_1.5.tar.gz is now available on CRAN.

Maybe someday I'll do a major re-write to use lazy loading, but not today...

                              -- David Brahm (

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