Re: [Rd] Packing of data files in packages

From: Wolski <>
Date: Sat 28 Aug 2004 - 01:51:40 EST

Hi Kjetil!

I would pack the files, as you said, and use functions to read from zipped files.

You can place the data file in the directory e.g inst/mydata. See (writing R extension to know more about the inst directory) After installing the package you can get the path to the mydata direcotry using the function ?system.file dir<-system.file("mydata",package="mypackage")


On 8/27/2004 at 11:39 AM Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen wrote:

>>>I am writing a package with some large data files, so it would be good to
>>>use the feature of zipping data.
>>>However, I use .R files to read in the data from one (sometimes more)
>>>files, so Rcmd build --zip-data
>>>gives a package which does'nt work. How should I do it, is it better ti
>>>zip each data file individually and use the functions to read from
>>>zipped files, or are there some other solution?
>>>Did'nt find anything in "Writing R extensions".
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