Re: [Rd] Re: [R] R on gentoo amd64 (gcc 3.3.3) is unstable --- no!

From: Diman Todorov <>
Date: Mon 30 Aug 2004 - 01:10:35 EST

Dear Brian,

> Have you actually looked at the current R-devel, which no longer allows
> f2c to be used on 64-bit platforms?
I kindly invite you to quote the part of my posting that made you think that I hadn't read
those previous postings.
I believe I was addressing Dirk's response to Ivo's solution to said problem.
I was pointing out that in gentoo you actually have to set the USE flag to USE=USE:f77
although f77 is not a compiler name. Dirk suggested that f77 might be a typo
which i negated.
I can see how such a detail might have eluded you while skimming texts briefly.

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