Re: [Rd] Problem with R --gui=GNOME when launched from a menu system

From: Marc Schwartz <>
Date: Tue 31 Aug 2004 - 22:56:47 EST

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 21:38, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> A Debian user filed a bug report the details of which are at
> I can replicate his problem: the R/Gnome entry that is made available to the
> various window managers fails. A window pops, and exists.
> As far as I can tell, the menuing system does not have a problem with shell
> script wrapper. Environment variables like PATH, DISPLAY etc should be set
> too. So the best idea I am having now is that R _may_ think that
> interactive() is FALSE when it should in fact be TRUE.
> Does anybody have a) other ideas, and fixes, or b) an idea how I could
> correct the menuing system?
> Dirk


FWIW, I can replicate this behavior using a CVS build of XFCE4 (V4.1.3), which uses xfwm4 as the window manager and not metacity. This is on an FC2 system which otherwise has GNOME 2.6.

I recompiled R 1.9.1 patched to use the GNOME GUI. If I run it from a bash shell, it is fine. If I try to run it from the XFCE4 run dialog or add it to the desktop menu, it pops up briefly and then closes.

If I specify that the R session should run in a terminal, it opens a regular R terminal console, but no GNOME GUI.

I created a shell script file ( with the command. I use ROX for my FM, which has the "run action" for scripts set to "sh ScriptFile". If I click on the file, the R window pops up briefly and then clears. I can however, run the script from a console using either "sh" or "./" without problem.

So this behavior is not limited to GNOME/metacity and seems to be environmental as you suggest.

Not sure if that helps, other than adding some confirmatory data points.

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