Re: [Rd] sunspot data in R 2.0.0

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Thu 02 Sep 2004 - 01:33:22 EST

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Deepayan Sarkar wrote:

> I noticed this in the NEWS:
> o Datasets 'sunspot.month' and 'sunspot.year' are available
> separately but not via data(sunspot) (which is used by package
> lattice to retrieve a dataset 'sunspot').
> Now, the 'sunspot' dataset included in lattice was actually a mistake, I
> realized later that I instead wanted the 'sunspots' data from base,
> which is currently used in example(xyplot). (Even more recently, I
> realized that I actually want sunspot.year.)
> Would it make any difference if I removed the 'sunspot' data from
> lattice? I don't think anyone is going to miss it.

Not to that change. We are trying to encourage the idea that data(foo) gives you foo (and possibly more), and also to remove conflicts between packages.

I think if you removed sunspot from lattice we could then encourage you to use LazyData, which would be good as all other standard and recommended packages now do.


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