[Rd] integer overflow

From: roger koenker <rkoenker_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu 02 Sep 2004 - 02:16:36 EST

I had a question from a SparseM user this morning who wanted to do something
like this: (his dimensions, my data)


ia <- sample(1:52993,351718,replace=TRUE)
ja <- sample(1:52993,351718,replace=TRUE)
ra <- rnorm(351718)

dim <- as.integer(rep(52993,2))
A <- new("matrix.coo",ra=ra,ia=ia,ja=ja,dim=dim)

The last step failed because validity checking for objects of class matrix.coo
wanted to test whether length(ra) > prod(dim), but unfortunately I'd implemented
the test as nrow*ncol and both were integers of size 52993 so the product
produced an integer overflow. I see in R-help that there was some discussion
of this sort of thing with sum() and it appears that perhaps prod was also adapted
to avoid this problem. I'm just wondering whether there was some more general
lesson to be learned here. Other than the well-known "expect the unexpected."

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