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From: <Mark.Bravington_at_csiro.au>
Date: Wed 08 Sep 2004 - 11:01:25 EST

Dear R-devel

On my Windows 2000 machine, I can build R-patched but not R-devel (since at least 1/9/2004). An error message pops up during the execution of some R code during "make", as below. In terms of "make" etc., I am totally clueless (not being a user of either Linux or C) and just mechanically follow the instructions in the R documentation; hence I've got no idea what to do when things snarf.

More information below. Any advice appreciated-- I'm trying to test a patch for R2.0.0.


Background factoids:

  1. The tools.zip file that I use is dated 9/5/2003.
  2. I did expunge the R-devel directory before unzipping the .tar.gz and building.
  3. I made my usual 2 changes to default MkRules (WINHELP=NO and TCL_HOME=C:/R/Tcl).
  4. I don't have the Latex "bin" directory in the search path, contrary to src/gnuwin32/INSTALL-- but this hasn't been a problem in the past. With R-patched (and all the previous R versions I've built), I do get some errors/warnings about pdflatex not found but the build continues and the .exe files get created just fine.

Here's what happens leading up to the error:

C:\R\R-devel\src\gnuwin32> make

<< no worrying messages>>

  making bootstrap versions of packages ...

<< no worrying messages >>

  ... DLL made
  installing DLL
  ... done
cp ../../doc/html/R.css ../../library/R.css

writing help indices for package: base tools utils grDevices graphics stats datasets methods grid sp lines stats4 tcltk

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