RE: [Rd] having trouble building r-devel

From: <>
Date: Wed 08 Sep 2004 - 17:44:30 EST

Aha-- thanks!

>> Or I've
>> gotten my wires crossed...
>The latter. Try commenting out
># path (possibly full path) to same version of R on the host system
># R_EXE=R
>in MkRules. It's uncommented there from experiments with
>Works for me.

Yes, it's just worked for me too. Is it worth mentioning this in the INSTALL file after the sentence that says "IMPORTANT: edit MkRules to set the appropriate paths..."? [It may be that all my builds hitherto have actually invoked an earlier version of R than the one being built, but that this never mattered before.]

>> So it looks like either (i) the documentation should be
>changed to tell
>> the user to reset the path manually (and NB the dot isn't useful for
>> Windows 2000),
>It was when I ran Windows 2000. What's wrong for you?

Just that, at the moment of running "make", the dot refers to src\gnuwin32, which doesn't pick up the R.exe file. With the commenting-out above, "make" now works fine for me now whether or not PATH starts with a dot. [I thought MS-DOS implicitly put a dot in, i.e. doesn't it always look for EXEs and BATs in the current directory first?] I think I need to start the path with <<current-R-version>>\bin rather than dot.

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