Re: [Rd] Wishlist: axis() and line widths (PR#7223)

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Date: Tue 14 Sep 2004 - 16:36:24 EST wrote:

> Full_Name: Tom Short
> Version: 1.9.1
> OS: Win2000 & Debian
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> axis() has a default parameter of "lwd = 1". I want skinnier lines as the
> default. If I change the default lty, it doesn't change what axis uses.

Looks like you are confusing lty and lwd???

Anyway, both lty and lwd work fine:

  axis(1, lty=2, col="red")
  axis(2, lwd=2)

> The following code produces a graph with a box around it, but the axis lines are
> twice as thick as the box around the plot, so it looks funny. I can manually add
> axes and explicitly set line widths, but that's a pain. The box() function does
> not set lty, so it uses the default par()$lwd.
>>par(lty = 0.5)

For sure you mean


But that won't work on arbitrary devices (AFAIR), because 0.5 is smaller than 1 - and it's hard to draw things that are smaller than one point.

> RECOMMENDATION: In axis(), change the default for "lwd" from 1 to par()$lwd.

No. If you want to change line widths of stuff within your plot, you don't want to change it for your axes as well.

Uwe Ligges

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