RE: [Rd] algorithm reference for sample() - Knuth

From: Vadim Ogranovich <>
Date: Sat 25 Sep 2004 - 07:36:45 EST

My apologies for the previous incomplete message, I accidentally hit "send". Here is another try.

Thank you all for the reference to Knuth. Indeed in vol. 2 he has a section "Random Sampling and Shuffling" which looks relevant. Unfortunately, I don't have an access to the book itself so I couldn't figure if this section discusses samples w/o replacement WITH pre-specified sampling probability. The only public library around that has the book is a parking nightmare so before I go there I would really appreciate if someone, who has the book on his shelf, could tell me that the section is relevant indeed?

Many thanks,

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> Have you tried looking in Knuth's books on computer
> algorithms? (They are classics for good reason!) If I
> remember correctly, a colleague found a very clever and fast
> algorithm for just this problem in one of those volumes.
> -- Tony Plate
> At Thursday 06:48 PM 9/23/2004, Vadim Ogranovich wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Don't know if it belongs to r-devel or r-help, but since I
> am planning
> >to alter some of R's internal code I am sending it here.
> >
> >The existing implementation of the sample() function, when
> the optional
> >'prob' argument is given, is quite inefficient. The complexity is
> >O(sampleSize * universeSize), see ProbSampleReplace() and
> >ProbSampleNoReplace() in random.c. This makes the function
> impractical
> >for the vector sizes I use. I want to re-code these functions and I
> >"think" I can come up with a more efficient algorithm.
> However before I
> >go and reinvent the wheel I wonder if there is a published
> description
> >of an efficient sampling algorithm with user-specified probabilities?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Vadim
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