[Rd] Re: [R] R-2.0: roadmap? release statements? plans?

From: Duncan Murdoch <murdoch_at_stats.uwo.ca>
Date: Sat 02 Oct 2004 - 00:35:46 EST

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On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 10:00:05 -0400, "Liaw, Andy" <andy_liaw@merck.com> wrote :

>Just to keep Valery from thinking that that web page can not be easily
>found: Go to www.r-project.org and click on `Developer Page' under the
>heading `R Project'.
>A suggestion (for CRAN masters?): On CRAN there is a link to the NEWS file
>for the released version. Maybe it's a good idea to provide one for
>alpha/beta version (when available) as well? The Windows-specific NEWS is
>provided for the alpha/beta.

Both the general NEWS file and the windows-specific CHANGES file are online at <http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/rdevel.html>. The main problem with that file is that it is the version that was current at the time of the Windows binary build, not necessarily the same as the current source file.

To get the very most current one, you want to go to the Subversion archive,

https://svn.r-project.org/R/trunk/NEWS (For major release changes, e.g. 2.0.0 for now, 2.1.0 after Monday, etc.)

https://svn.r-project.org/R/branches/R-1-9-patches/NEWS (For the current patches; change to "-2-0-" on Monday.)

I think the reason these links aren't given on the developer page is that the Subversion archive is relatively new, and we weren't sure that it could handle the load of being a public resource. Could that change now?

Duncan Murdoch

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