[Rd] RCC compatibility patch

From: John Garvin <garvin_at_rice.edu>
Date: Sat 02 Oct 2004 - 11:08:21 EST

Would you consider the following patch to eval.c to allow compatibility with RCC? (It's in the applyClosure function.)

@@ -432,6 +432,14 @@

      SEXP f, a, tmp;
      RCNTXT cntxt;

+#ifdef RCC
+ SEXP comp;
+ PROTECT(comp = getAttrib(op, install("RCC_CompiledSymbol")));
+ if (comp != R_NilValue) /* compiled version exists */
+ op = comp;
+#endif /* RCC */

      /* formals = list of formal parameters */
      /* actuals = values to be bound to formals */
      /* arglist = the tagged list of arguments */

RCC (http://hipersoft.cs.rice.edu/rcc/) is a static compiler for R we're working on at Rice. It compiles R scripts into dynamic libraries that can be loaded from within R using the dyn.load function.

This change enables compiled R code to be executed while retaining full correctness; i.e., inspection and modification of closures generated by RCC will work exactly as in interpreted R. This patch does not change the existing implementation in the default build; when enabled, it should not affect the evaluation of any R code except code compiled with RCC.


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