Re: [Rd] compilation problem R2.0.0 Linux SuSE8.2 (PR#7263)

From: Patrick Drechsler <>
Date: Wed 06 Oct 2004 - 05:25:01 EST

Thanks fofr the quick reply!

Brian Ripley wrote on 05 Oct 2004 20:03:12 MET:

> Why do you think this is a bug in R?

Sorry, it was not my intention to imply this was a bug. I just figured that people reading the bug list might be able to help me. I didn't figure this would be a problem for the general r list so I posted here. Developers of other programming environments prefer that these kind of problems be sent in as "bugs" even if they are not bugs in the correct usage of the word.

> Have you read what the FAQ says about BUGS?

Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't have found the address in the first place ;-)

> R 2.0.0 has been under alpha/beta test for a month and has been
> tested on scores of Linux boxes. It looks like a problem with
> your Linux installation to me, specifically with your tcltk
> installation in the first instance.

Could you advice a correct mailing list/newsgroup/link for my specific problem?

I don't have any experience in tcltk. Other than it doing its job up to now...

TIA Patrick

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