[Rd] sample suggestion

From: Göran Broström <gb_at_stat.umu.se>
Date: Thu 07 Oct 2004 - 17:00:01 EST

I have been bitten by what is clearly described on the help page for
'sample', namely sampling from a population of size one. I agree that it is
convenient to have an exception if 'length(x) == 1', but my suggestion is to enforce the exception only if 'x' is numeric. In any case, if x is not numeric and of length 1, all you get is an error message.

I would like 'sample("tre", 1)' to return "tre", and 'sample(3, 1)' to return a natural number less than 4. It seems easy to achieve that by changing the line

if (length(x) == 1 && x >= 1) {


if (length(x) == 1 && is.numeric(x) && x >= 1) {

in 'sample'.

Isn't that a good idea? An alternative suggestion would be to implement
'resample' (from the examples) in 'base'.


PS. Congratulations to the Core Team for reaching an excellent 2.0.0!

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