Re: [Rd] Dumb question time - R patched vs. R devel

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Sat 09 Oct 2004 - 03:17:21 EST

On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 11:29:18 -0500, Marc Schwartz <> wrote :

>Hi all,
>Perhaps my memory from 1.9.0 is gone and I need to be taking more
>The current R patched tarballs and diff file
>( appear to be
>for 1.9.1 as opposed to 2.0.0 if my read of the files is correct.
>The current devel tarballs are labelled with a version of 2.1.0. Makes
>If the R patched tarballs and diff file are for 1.9.1, are patches
>actually being applied to 1.9.1 or are these files simply being
>auto-made as the result of a daily script against the 1.9.1 subversion
>Is there indeed any tarball/diff file for the 2.0.0 patched version?

As Brian Ripley pointed out, the answer is no. However, others might want to know that I have been building Windows binaries from the repository, and those will be available every few days on CRAN (see

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