Re: problem with tcltk under Windows (was [Rd] RE: [R] one more Rcmdr problem)

From: Erich Neuwirth <>
Date: Fri 22 Oct 2004 - 20:54:05 EST

There still seems to be a problem with RCommander and or Tcl/Tk on Windows in R 1.9.1.
Windows XP Pro, SP2
I compiled the latest version of R-patched 2.0.0 and

Starting R with --sdi, loading Rcmdr,
and then from Rcmdr's menu, doing
Data->Data in packages->Read data set from an attached package and trying to select a package in the field Select package:
will not work, nothing will happen.
After canceling this dialog
entering a simple command
in the Rcmd input field and pressing the Submit button will produce a dialog box showing error messages referring to an error responsible for not being able to load the selected package.

With R 1.9.1, things work as they should.

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