RE: problem with tcltk under Windows (was [Rd] RE: [R] one more Rcmdrproblem)

From: John Fox <>
Date: Fri 22 Oct 2004 - 23:54:19 EST

Dear Erich,

I'm afraid that this time I can't duplicate the problem on a Windows XP Pro system. To verify that reading data from packages works, I downloaded (but didn't compile myself) the latest R-patched 2.0.0 from CRAN, dated Oct. 21. I downloaded from my web site the compiled Windows binary of Rcmdr 0.9-12 (i.e., the version in development). Everything appears to work fine. I repeated this on another Win XP Pro machine and that worked fine too.

The error message pops up as a consequence of the manner in which the Rcmdr intercepts errors. It might help to know what the content of that error message was. (I'm not sure why the Rcmdr would have tried to *load* a package; presumably it was looking for data sets in packages already loaded. Perhaps this is a clue to a bug.)

Recall that the last time a problem occurred here, it reflected a more general tcltk problem with R 2.0.0. That was fixed in R-patched, so you may have uncovered an independent problem.

I'd like to get to the bottom of this since I want to submit version 0.9-12 of the Rcmdr package to CRAN (indeed, intended to do that today, since I've finished my testing), but want first to make sure that it's working properly with R 2.0.0.


John Fox
Department of Sociology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4M4

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> There still seems to be a problem with RCommander and or
> Tcl/Tk on Windows in R 1.9.1.
> Windows XP Pro, SP2
> I compiled the latest version of R-patched 2.0.0 and
> Rcmd_0.9-12
> Starting R with --sdi, loading Rcmdr,
> and then from Rcmdr's menu, doing
> Data->Data in packages->Read data set from an attached package
> and trying to select a package in the field Select package:
> will not work, nothing will happen.
> After canceling this dialog
> entering a simple command
> e.g.
> 1+1
> in the Rcmd input field and pressing the Submit button will
> produce a dialog box showing error messages referring to an
> error responsible for not being able to load the selected package.
> With R 1.9.1, things work as they should.
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