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>From the R FAQ

   Bug reports on contributed packages should be sent first to the package    maintainer, and only submitted to the R-bugs repository by package    maintainers, mentioning the package in the subject line.

and you are NOT the listed maintainer.

Do learn to read FAQs before causing unnecessary work for other people (as the R posting guide asks).

Please do as the FAQ asks.

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 wrote:

> Full_Name: Raphal Césari
> Version: 1.9.1

Not current, and that's mentioned in the FAQ and the posting guide.

> OS: Windows XP family edition
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Hello,
> I am a student at the Departments of Economics at Stockholm University.I am a
> beginner in Econometrics and was very confused when using the built in command
> "kurtosis()" of the e1071 package.When I computed the test,I was thinking of
> getting the kurtosis of my distribution which has to be greater or equal to
> zero,and I got a value under zero.The formula of kurtosis is :
> If N = length(x), then the kurtosis of x is defined as
> N^(-1) sd(x)^(-4) sum_i (x_i - mean(x))^4
> and the function computes what i think is called the excess kurtosis which is
> just the same formula minus 3.This is why it is possible to get a computed value
> under zero!Now it is trivial to me,because I know the function but t would be
> good in the details of the function to explain that the computed value is the
> excess kurtosis which i think is more appropriate.
> Best regards,
> Raphaël Césari
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