Re: [Rd] Cross compiling in R-2.0.0

From: Iago Mosqueira <>
Date: Mon 25 Oct 2004 - 22:41:05 EST

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 12:12, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> More likely you are cross-compiling R to run under Windows.
Yes, but only with the intention of using the installation to compile packages for windows.

> Who said you should `make R'? That is not in the instructions in
> src/gnuwin32/INSTALL. If you do that you should get
I am using the cross-compiling instructions and Makefile that appeared in some issue of R-News. The last step is indeed make R.

> So R_EXE is not defined. Setting it is part of the instructions.
OK, it is now set.

> User error! If you follow the instructions it does work, at least in an
> English-speaking locale.

It is now failing when trying to compile the tcltk package.

Has anybody tried using the Yan and Rossini's Makefile in 2.0.0?


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