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From: gay lane <latoyiacremeryjay_at_mail.bulgaria.com>
Date: Mon 25 Oct 2004 - 23:52:26 EST

The exceptional Discovery of Human Phero mones

Our perfume has real human sexual attractant in it.

Direct from the laboratory to you!

After I saw that story on Dateline NBC about your perfume I ordered some and I am "extremely" satisfied. Women are now coming up and talking to ME! I don't even have to use pick-up lines anymore. Thank you. - Robert Y. in Tuscon, AZ.

To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for your prompt service and remarkable product. My Wife and I haven't been so 'frisky' in years. It's just like our honeymoon again. Please find my payment enclosed for another bottle of your perfume.
Thanks again. - Leslie A. in Macon, GA.

Detailed information or to stop receiving or to see our address.

There's the thing that's responsible for most of my troubles, said he, bitterly. What right has one person to fly through the air while all his fellow-creatures crawl over the earth's surface? And why should I be cut off from all the rest of the world because you have given me this confounded traveling machine? I didn't ask for it, and I won't keep it a moment longer Give it to some one you hate more than you do me! The Demon stared aghast and turned his glittering eyes wonderingly from Rob to the traveling machine and back again, as if to be sure he had heard and seen aright

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