Re: [Rd] pgamma discontinuity (PR#7307)

From: Morten Welinder <>
Date: Tue 26 Oct 2004 - 02:04:08 EST

A little code study, formula study and experimentation reveals that the situation is mostly fixable:

  1. Get rid of the explicit alpha limit. (A form of it is implicit in (2) and (3) below.)
  2. Use the series formula when

(x < alph + 10 && x < 0.99 * (alph + 1000))

   This guarantees that the sum converges reasonably fast. (For extremely    large x and alpha that will take about -53/log2(0.99) iterations for    53 significant bits, i.e., about 3700 iterations.)

3. Use the continued fraction formula when

(alph < x && alph - 100 < 0.99 * x)

   Aka, you don't want to use the formula either near the critical point    where alpha/x ~ 1 unless the numbers are small.

4a. Go to a library and figure out how Temme does it for alpha near x,

    both large. In this case the 0.99 from above could probably be     lowered a lot for faster convergence.


4b. Use the pnorm approximation. It seems to do a whole lot better for

    alpha near x than it did for the 10:1 case I quoted.

Comments, please.

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