Re: [Rd] Destructive str(...)?

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Sun 31 Oct 2004 - 08:55:46 EST

Luke Tierney <> writes:
> > str() probably ought to be more cautious when it encounters at external
> > reference or similar exotic object, since it will look at list elements
> > and attributes.
> It's probably just unclass itself, not an issue with NAMED. External
> references are one of a handful of objects that are handled as
> references to mutable objects rather than as immutable values (the
> main other one being environments). unclass is destructive when
> applied to a reference object. At some point it might make sense to
> make unclass signal an error when used on a reference object, and
> clean up the things this breaks, including str and a number of other
> print methods. On the other hand, the same issue exists with all
> attributes on referece objects, so the safest approach is to use a
> wrapper as Brian suggests.

Argh. I think this means that there is a bug in the tcltk code since tclObj class objects are exactly external references with a class attribute. It doesn't seem to have bitten anyone yet, though. Or were you saying that we should fix str() instead?

Anyways, Tcl objects do provide a rather nice illustration of why reference objects are non-duplicatable (which is the reason behind unclass being destructive). They have a finalizer that decrements the Tcl reference count when the R object is destroyed. To avoid bad things resulting from decreasing the refcount multiple times, duplication would require an increment of the reference count, and R just isn't geared to do that: we'd need to introduce something like an R_RegisterCDuplicator function.

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