Re: [Rd] barplot manpage (PR#7331)

From: Tony Plate <>
Date: Wed 03 Nov 2004 - 04:42:56 EST

At Tuesday 10:00 AM 11/2/2004, Dan Bolser wrote:

>Would you mind telling me how to get at the documentation source code?

Download and unpack the source, then look for the appropriate .Rd file. For example, in my copy of the source for R-1.9.1 (old, don't work with this!), I find C:\R\R-1.9.1\src\library\graphics\man\barplot.Rd (If this is not the appropriate source file, someone please say so!)

>Is there a - how to change the documentation document? ( I will make one
>if you give me some instructions....

I don't think such a document exists, but I'm not the person to help with this.

>name="1200qlink3"> name="1200qlink3"><a name="1200qlink3">ame="1200qlink3">name="1200qlink3"> href="1194.html#1195qlink3">>;I guess I can just edit a copy of the source and diff the original and
>send the diff ?

Again, a member of R-core who might actually vet the changes and put them into the repository would be the appropriate one to comment on this.

Previous topics with the subject "Help Documentation" (which got filed with bug report numbers 6713, 6716, and 6717) also address this issue. (these appeared in March 2004). mailing list Received on Wed Nov 03 05:50:20 2004

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