Re: [Rd] Bug report (PR#7341)

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Fri 05 Nov 2004 - 22:32:50 EST

>>>>> "dan" == dan <>

>>>>> on Thu, 4 Nov 2004 19:08:08 +0100 (CET) writes:

    dan> Full_Name: Dan B Version: na OS: na Submission from:     dan> (NULL) (

    dan> I can't log into the bug tracker (I can't find where to     dan> register / login).

[that's not what you should do.
 Have you read on this in the FAQ or help( ?  Please, please, do.

    dan> In this way I can't add the following context diff
    dan> (hopefully in the right order) for my changes to the
    dan> matrix.Rd...

    dan> Hmm... I guess this should be a separate report     dan> anyway...

No, this is really not a bug report __AT ALL__

You had all this long discussion about how the documentation can/could/should/{is_hard_to} be improved and end up sending a *bug report* ?

Whereas I value your contribution for improving the matrix help page -- and I do think both changes are worthwhile --- there is no bug, and hence a bug report is *WRONG*!

Sending this to R-devel [instead! - not automagically via the bug report] would have been perfectly fine and helpful...

    dan> The first diff explains how the dimnames list should
    dan> work, and the second diff gives an example of using the
    dan> dimnames list. (no equivelent example exists, and where
    dan> better than the matrix man page to show this off).


I'll put in a version of your proposed improvement, but please do try more to understand what's appropriate for bug reports.

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