Re: [Rd] foreign(read.spss) in rw2000 and re2001beta

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Sun 07 Nov 2004 - 05:03:27 EST

Thomas Lumley <> writes:

> I have modified read.spss (but not committed the changes yet) so that
> it does not create a factor when there are missing levels.

Hmm, could we handle this more elegantly? At the very least, we should probably try to keep the labels as an attribute, so that you have the option of doing something constructive with them afterwards. Perhaps we need an entire new data class (say "labeled") and an as.factor() method doing basically what happens now.

BTW, I take it that you mean "when there are values with no labels", not "labels for values that are not present in data", right?

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