[Rd] Questions on package creation

From: Gabor Grothendieck <ggrothendieck_at_myway.com>
Date: Thu 11 Nov 2004 - 16:45:33 EST

I have some questions about

  1. nomenclature,
  2. recommended file locations and
  3. overall procedure related to creating packages.

To the extent that it matters, examples here relate to Windows XP R 2.0.1 beta.

The questions are interspersed and prefaced with ***.

My understanding is that there are actually 6 forms of a package that one should use in package development:

  1. original package. This refers to the original source files, documentation and other files that the author develops. If source control, e.g. svn, is used then these are the files that are under source control. They are kept in some arbitrary location on one's disk. Let us say \usr\mypackage, for example.
    • Is there some standard name for this form of the package?
  2. source archive. This is created from the original package like this:
     cd \Program Files\rw2001beta
     bin\R CMD build /usr/mypackage

   which creates, say

     \Program Files\rw2001beta\mypackage_1.0-1.tar.gz

   The source archive is distinct from the original archive since it    is specific to a version of R and excludes the files referenced    in \usr\mypackage\.Rbuildignore

     cd \Program Files\rw2001beta
     gzip -d mypackage_1.0-1.tar.gz
     cd src\library
     tar xvf ..\..\mypackage_1.0-1.tar

   and is checked like this:

     cd \Program Files\rw2001beta
     bin\R CMD check mypackage

4. binary archive. This is created from the source archive in #2

   or the source tree in #3:

      cd \Program Files\rw2001beta
      bin\R CMD build mypackage --binary

   which creates \Program Files\rw2001beta\myhpackage_1.0-1.zip

     cd \Program Files\rw2001beta
     bin\R CMD install mypackage

  which results in the source package being installed in:   

     \Program Files\rw2001beta\library\mypackage

  This can alternately be done with the R GUI menu:

    Packages | Install package(s) from local zip files

6. loaded package. In R using the command:


   loads the package into R. This can alternately be done    using the R GUI menu:

      Packages | Load package

One might initially skip #3 and #4 and just test the package out in R after #6 and once one is satisfied that it is in good shape repeat the sequence.

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